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CPrint... a Creative Touch of Hollywood for ur Printed Promotions

Only CPrint, the Creative Print, can provide ur printed promotion with three unique, interactive formats of creative products to create a powerful, memorable impact on a wide range of customers.

Our exclusive Creative Products are available for printing with ur promotion on our high quality
CFlyers, CDoor hangers, CPostcards and CBusiness cards.

CUseful Article-Print


Draw attention to ur business with brief articles on health, nutrition, sports, arts and entertainment, etc., that ur customers will find informative and helpful.


Puzzle Keep ur customer's eyes on ur business name longer than ever as they work to solve challenging puzzles (answers can be provided in ur next CPrint promotion, at ur place of business or on ur website.)


Comic Entertain ur customers with fun comics and illustrated stories with unique characters by Hollywood writers and artists.

CRead & Win-Print

Win With this option, ur CPrint will pose a question that ur customers must answer correctly (via mail, e-mail or in person at ur business) in order to receive a free sample or special discount offer on ur print
The 'Read & Win' question could be about ur company, ur industry, one of ur products or one of our general knowledge questions.
This is an excellent tool to:
  • Increase walk-ins and notify customers where ur business is located.
  • Generate more traffic to ur website.
  • Highlight a product's valuable feature or competitive selling point.
  • Build ur database of customers and potential customers.

CDrizzle, a customized creative service for multiple stores

Drizzle Dramatically increase public awareness for ur multi-location business with CPrint's creative products produced exclusively for ur existing printed promotion, only at

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